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The information here was rather old, so I deleted it pending an update!

In the meanwhile, here are some photos from flying trips to Nunavut, Northern Canada and South America.

Pond Inlet, Baffin Island. Awesome beauty. In the distance, you can see Bylot Island, home to much wildlife. This area is now a national park. The picture was taken at the end of July 1999, just before the ice breakup was complete.
Grise Fiord, Ellesmere Island. Another staggering scene. This is home to the most northerly community in the world, which made us feel very welcome.

Altiplano, Chile. The plain is at 13,000 feet and the mountain top is above 20,000 feet.
Ushuaia, Tierra Del Fuego. The Beagle channel provides a safe harbour to cruise ships, which stop here on the way to Antarctica.
Falkland Islands. The wildlife here is fantastic. Here are rockhopper penguins in their natural environment.