Tristan Richardson

I used to work at AT&T Laboratories Cambridge, which was previously known as ORL, the Olivetti & Oracle Research Laboratory.

I was involved in many of the laboratory's mobility projects, particularly Virtual Network Computing, for which I designed the RFB protocol and wrote the reference implementations (the X-based server and viewer and the Java viewer). Prior to VNC I was responsible for designing and implementing its predecessor, the Teleporting System.

I was also a significant contributor to the CORBA implementation, omniORB, for which I wrote the omnithread library and the naming service omniNames. I also designed the ODE (OMNI development environment), an in-house cross-platform development environment based on GNU make.

I joined ORL in 1992, after doing a Computer Science degree in 1990 and an MPhil in Computer Speech and Language Processing in 1991 at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory and Engineering Department.

I usually get out of bed on a Sunday morning to play football (that's soccer to any Americans out there :-). You can follow the fortunes of my Sunday league side, the Cambridge Cosmos, at